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Seventh American presidential election of 1812

1812 election map

Cg-realms (current)AndyHogan14 (original), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


The 1812 presidential election took place from Friday, October 30 - Wednesday, December 2, 1812.


  • Democratic-Republican Party
  • Federalist Party
  • Final tickets

    Campaining & major issues

    In this election, Federalists had a real chance of possibly winning. Tensions in Europe had been increasing and in June 1812 the United States declared war on Britain. DeWitt's candidacy was interesting; he was never formally nominated by anybody, as many Federalists thought officially nominating him would split the party. However, not only did he have support of most Federalists, anti-war Democratic-Republicans also supported him and did not approve of Madison's performance as president. This was the first election that took place when the United States was directly at war.

    Electoral college & turn-out

    The electoral college increased to 217 electors in 1812; 109 needed to win. 278,786 people voted.


    First place: James Madison & Elbridge Gerry

    128/217 electoral votes

    50.4% of the popular vote

    Second place: DeWitt Clinton & Jared Ingersoll

    86/217 electoral votes

    47.6% of the popular vote

    Third place: DeWitt Clinton & Elbridge Gerry

    3/217 electoral votes

    Popular vote unknown

    Fourth place: Rufus King & William R. Davie

    No electoral votes

    2% of the popular vote

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