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Twelfth American presidential election of 1832

1832 election map

Cg-realms (current)AndyHogan14 (original), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


The 1832 election took place from Friday, November 2 - Wednesday, December 5, 1832.


  • Democratic Party
  • National Republican Party
  • Anti-Masonic Party
  • Final tickets

  • Democratic Party
  • National Republican Party (which later became the Whig party)
  • Anti-Masonic Party
  • Campaining & major issues

    This election was (unofficially) the first the Whig Party ran in. Some were unhappy with Andrew Jackson and called him "King Andrew". He had radical ideas like getting rid of the second bank of the United States and getting rid of the electoral college. This and all the vetoes he gave caused him to be criticized. Vice president John Calhoun resigned and so Jackson had nominated Martin Van Buren, the creator of the Democratic party. The Anti-Masonic party was notable for being the first major third-party in the United States and being the first to have a party convention, which is now the standard today.

    Electoral college & turn-out

    The electoral college increased to 286 electors; 145 needed to win. 1,293,973 people voted.


    First place (winner): Andrew Jackson & Martin Van Buren

    189/286 electoral votes

    54.23% of the popular vote

    Second place: Henry Clay & John Sergeant

    49/286 electoral votes

    37.42% of the popular vote

    Third place: Andrew Jackson & William Wilkins

    30/286 electoral votes

    Popular vote unknown

    Fourth place: John Floyd & Henry Lee

    11/286 electoral votes

    Popular vote unknown

    Fifth place: William Wirt & Amos Ellmaker

    7/286 electoral votes

    7.78% of the popular vote

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