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Twenty-sixth American presidential election of 1888

1888 election map

SteveSims, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


The 1888 election took place on Tuesday, November 6, 1888.


  • Democratic Party
  • Republican Party
  • Prohibition Party
  • Union Labor Party
  • Final tickets

  • Republican Party
  • Republican ticket 1888
  • Democratic Party
  • Democratic ticket 1884
  • Prohibition Party
  • Union Labor Party
  • Campaining & major issues

    During his tenure, Grover Cleveland had a solid first term. The economy remained strong for the most part, and at first it looked like Republicans would have a hard time taking Cleveland down. That was until 1887 where Cleveland himself made a certain subject a big issue: tariffs. Tariffs are taxes on foreign goods imported into a country. At the time, tariffs were quite high and Cleveland said that they needed to be lowered. However, he received incredible backlash for this, though, and it set the stage for the election.

    Electoral college & turn-out

    The electoral college stayed at 401 electors; 201 needed to win. 11,383,320 people voted in this election.


  • First place (winner): Benjamin Harrison & Levi Morton
  • Second place: Grover Cleveland & Allen Thurman
  • Third place: Clinton Fisk & John Brooks
  • Fourth place: Alson Streeter & Charles Cunningham
  • Other attributions (listed from top to bottom)

    The Benjamin Harrison campaign., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

    Siegel, Cooper & Co.--Democratic platform, T17373 U.S. Copyright Office., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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