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Hello there! I am a huge presidential enthusiast who likes to research and learn about presidents. I created this website because I wanted to share my presidential knowledge. I also wanted a good coding project I could work on for a long time. I know all presidents, their political affiliations and term dates from memory. In my free time, I like to play retro video games (SEGA Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System, GameCube, etc.) I also collect historical memorabilia. One thing I will never reveal (at least on this site) is my political leanings. I want to keep this website as unbiased and apolitical as possible. If you really want to talk about politics, it's on the website's forum.

About the website was created in February 2023, as my hobby site. Obviously, this site is for the presidents of the United States. However, I also have other stuff like political parties, elections, and more. So far, I am working on finishing every election in American history and expanding every president's biography.

Contact and all that good stuff

If you have a question about a president or my website, or there's something wrong with my website that I can fix, here is my email:


Please note that a lot of issues with the forum are not on my end, but if you truly think I can fix it, contact me.