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This is the super exciting legal page!

Ok, so I'm just making this just in case I have to. So, here's some legal stuff to know about our website.

Where we get our media from

All media on this website (images, audio, etc.) come from Wikimedia Commons with their proper attributions under the image. If an image doesn't have an attribution at the bottom, first see if the attribution is at the bottom of the page in a special section. If it's not, check to see if the image is a link. If it's not, that means the image was put there before I remembered that you can't just pull any image from the internet, which means I will soon replace it. Audio recordings should all have attributions.

What happens if you plagiarize from

Obviously, we don't encourage plagiarism at all. In fact, we discourage it. However, technically speaking, you can't get arrested for plagiarizing this site since I couldn't bother to copyright anything on this website. However, there is still a huge possibility you can get caught for plagiarizing at your school, work or whatever you're plagiarizing for. To sum it up, You can't get in legal trouble for any copyright reasons by copying us, but you can still get in trouble for plenty of other reasons. Look at this page for more info about the penalties of plagiarism. Also, even if you're still going to proceed with plagiarizing us, it's not the greatest idea. As said at the home page of, I wouldn't consider this a reliable website (at least for now).

Where we get our information from

Being a presidential enthusiast, I already know basic things like a president's full name, term dates and party affiliation. I also know about what most president's big accomplishments/bad things they did. For everything else, I use a mixture of Wikipedia to get specifics, and Encyclopedia Britannica to verify (since Wikipedia isn't technically a reliable source) Though I do get my info from good sources, don't think that this is reputable. View our page on's reliability here.

The end (wait, already?)

I'm still growing this website, so this page will inevitably grow, but for now, stop reading about some random website's legal page and start learning about some U.S. Presidents!