Presidential Seal Presidential Seal's policy on modern politics

Hey presidential enthusiasts, it has been seen on so many presidential groups how easily these groups can go from being a fun community that discusses ALL presidents to one that only focuses on the past two - three and might technically "compare" them to past presidents (aka making a modern president look bad). My number one goal on this website is absolutely avoid political bias, and honestly modern politics in general. I (obviously) am a big presidential historian who (again, obviously) loves to research about all of them. Just like you (probably), I have my own political beliefs. However, those belong elsewhere, like in Forum's designated 'politics' forum. However, I know that it is absolutely impossible to keep all of my political bias and all politics out of this website. Trust me, making the pages on Donald Trump and Joe Biden were extremely hard without glorifying one of them and absolutely destroying the other. But please know that I will try my very best to keep this site unbiased.

What about future elections? What if they're disputed like the election of 2020?

When talking about things that are disputed, my style is to explicitly say what was officially finalized. However, I will also make to sure to include that there are a number of people that refute it or do not believe it. For future elections, I will likely put up the page after the winner's inauguration has taken place.

What if something about a president is indeed true, but it is disputed?

Same exact thing. I will say that it was reported by most credible sources, but will point out that it is disputed.