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What the heck is

I will soon probably make a dedicated page about this website, but for now I'll put a short version of it here. is really just a hobby site, made by me, ThatPresidentDude. You can also call me ThatPresidentGuy, too. I am a huge US Presidents fan, and that's why I made this website: to share it. I think learning about the presidents is nice and that it isn't just boring. For now, the main thing to take away from this section is this: is a HOBBY site made by a SINGLE person.

Where I get my information from

As said in the Legal page: Being a presidential enthusiast, I already know basic things like a president's full name, term dates and party affiliation. I also know about what most president's big accomplishments/bad things they did. For everything else, I use a mixture of Wikipedia to get specifics, and Encyclopedia Britannica to verify (since Wikipedia isn't technically a reliable source) Though I do get my info from good sources, don't think that this is reputable.

So, if this site isn't reliable, why does it exist?

It is 100% safe (as far as I know) for the user to learn information from the website. However, the problem is that you probably shouldn't cite this website. Sure, I do have a secure (encrypted) version of this website which makes it a bit more trustworthy (link to it here). In summary, If you just want to learn about presidents for fun or when you're bored, you'll be fine as this site has accurate information. However, if you're trying to cite this on a scholarly essay, probably not a good idea.

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