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The Democratic Party is one of the two current major political parties in the United States. A member of the Democratic Party is referred to as a Democrat.


The roots of the Democratic Party go back to the supporters of Andrew Jackson in the 1824 election. They were referred to as, "Jacksonians". Mostly due to the help of Martin Van Buren, supporters of Jackson became known as "Jacksonian Democrats", and finally, simply "Democrats". The party was originally Pro-Slavery and opposed the national bank.


Today, the Democratic party aligns more to the left on the political spectrum. It believes in welfare, more government involvement in economics but less involvement in noneconomic issues, like abortion. They believe in civil rights for minorities as well.

Current political power in the United States

Currently, the Democrats hold a majority in the Senate, but a minority in the House of Representatives. They control the Executive Branch, with the current president, Joe Biden, identifying as a Democrat and supporting Democratic legislation. The party has a minority in Democratic justices in the Supreme Court.

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