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The Republican Party is one of the two current major political parties in the United States. A member of the party is simply referred to as a Republican.


The Republican Party was originally a culmination of Anti-Slavery Whigs who opposed the controversial Kansas-Nebraska Act signed into law by Democratic president Franklin Pierce. By this time, the Whig party had mostly collapsed, meaning only the Democrats remained as a legitimate party. However, in the 1856 election, while they didn't win, the Republicans got a lot of electoral votes. They would get their first presidential win in 1860 with the election of Abraham Lincoln.


Today, the Republican Party believes in free market, individual achievement and less government involvement in the economy. With social issues, the party leans more conservative.

Political power in the United States

Currently, the Republican party holds a majority in the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court. They hold a minority in the Senate. They do not control the Executive Branch, with the last Republican president being Donald Trump.

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