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The Democratic-Republican party was a political party that evolved from the Anti-Federalists, one of the first political culminations in U.S. History. It was the dominant political party from 1801 - 1825.


The Democratic-Republicans had completely formed by 1792. A lot of Democratic-Republicans were originally Anti-Federalists, those who opposed the ratification of the Constitution. The party was led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. In 1796, the Democratic-Republicans truly ran for the presidency for the first time, mainly campaining for Thomas Jefferson. However, they lost, but because of the original Constitution rules, Jefferson became vice president. In the 1800 election, Jefferson beat President Adams in a rematch, getting the party in the White House for the first time.


The Democratic-Republicans believed in a smaller federal government, with state governments having more power. They believed in individual liberty as well as free trade & markets.


The party was in the White House from 1801 - 1825. In the 1824 election, since the Democratic-Republican party was the only party, the presidential election was what their party primaries would usually be. However, it would ultimately cause the party to split, especially with the rivalry of John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. Supporters of each candidate would eventually gather into seperate political parties, making the Democratic-Republican party obsolete.

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