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Thirteenth American presidential election of 1836

1836 election map

AndyHogan14, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


The 1836 election was held from Thursday, November 3 - Wednesday, December 7, 1836.


  • Democratic Party
  • Whig Party
  • NOTE: There was no national Whig nominating caucus. Therefore, all presidential & vice presidential candidates were contenders in the presidential election.

    Final tickets

  • Democratic Party
  • Whig Party
  • Campaining & major issues

    Andrew Jackson, like others before him, decided not to seek a third term. However, he endorsed his vice president Martin Van Buren, thinking he could carry on his legacy. However, they faced one problem. By 1836, the Whig Party had gained momentum. They decided not to rally behind one candidate and instead have the multiple state legislatures choose them, meaning there were multiple candidates for different regions. The Whigs believed that the four Whig candidates would all together get more votes than Van Buren. Because of this, it was more about Van Buren losing than the Whigs winning. In fact, the only Whig candidate that could have won a majority in the election would have been William Henry Harrison, but he would have had to win Van Buren's home state of New York. The only important issue was an issue starting to be heard about more & more, which was the rising issue of slavery. In 1831, the Nat Turner Slave Rebellion occurred in Virginia that killed over fifty white people. Van Buren was criticized for possibly engaging with abolitionists.

    Electoral college & turn-out

    The electoral college increased to 294 electors; 148 needed to win. 1,503,534 people voted in this election



    Vice President

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