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Sixth American presidential election of 1808

1808 election map

Cg-realms (current)AndyHogan14 (original), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


The 1808 presidential election took place from Friday, November 4 - Wednesday, December 7, 1808.

Presidential candidates

Campaining & major issues

Though the Federalists were destroyed in the 1804 election, they felt they had a much better chance due to the increasing unpopularity of incumbent president Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson's second term had not been so good, and it peaked when he passed the Embargo Act of 1807, which restricted foreign trade and hurt the economy. This was likely why the Federalists nominated the same candidates from the 1804 election. George Clinton was the first of two vice presidents that would run under two different presidents.

Electoral college & turn-out

The electoral college remained the same. However, one elector from Kentucky did not vote, meaning the total number of electoral votes was 175, not 176. 192,691 people voted in this election.


First place: James Madison & George Clinton

113/175 electoral votes

64.7% of the popular vote

Second place: Charles Cotesworth Pinckney & Rufus King

47/175 electoral votes

32.4% of the popular vote

Third place: James Madison & John Langdon

9/175 electoral votes

Popular vote unknown

Fourth place: George Clinton & James Madison

3/175 electoral votes

Popular vote unknown

Fourth place: George Clinton & James Monroe

3/175 electoral votes

Popular vote unknown

James Monroe (no running mate)

No electoral votes

2.5% of the popular vote

0.4% voted for others.

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